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Here are our Five Phases of Web Design:

Phase 1: Define the Scope
Before any work can be done on your site, we will need to define the scope of the project. This usually involves the gathering of information, maintenance needs, background research and targeting audience and the collection of possible images to be used on the site.  The scope needs to be clearly defined and agreed upon by all parties at the on-set of the project.  We will need to find out whether you would like your site to remain local or whether you intend to go global with your site.  It is also during this phase that a contract needs to be firmly agreed upon. 
Phase 2: Project Preparation
This is the planning phase.  All the original information gathered in Phase 1 needs to be re-evaluated and verified. At this time the basic framework of the site must be built. Here we will discuss the pros and cons between a framed site (w/invisible frames or noticeable ones) and a tabled site.  We will also discuss the latest cutting edge technology where your words can literally fly across the screen (DHTML). We will also discuss possible interactivity on your site for your users' needs.

Sitemaps are also common at this stage of the game.  The amount of pages you will need for your site will also be discussed.
Phase 3: Design and Testing
In most cases, the design phase starts before the architecture has been finished. We work to add design detail to the thoughts and ideas presented in the first two phases. By the time the site design is established, the entire site is laid out and ready to enter production. Here we will discuss the pros and cons between image maps and mouseover buttons (where the web button looks pushed in when the mouse is over it) as possible site navigational tools.  We will also discuss how you would like your company banners to look - whether you have certain company colors or a logo to be used.
Usability testing is a very important way to ensure that the final product meets both your expectations and your web surfers' needs. This phase may include many rounds of testing.  We want to make sure that all scripts are running properly, all typos are nonexistent and download speeds are fast and efficient.
Phase 4: Production and Implementation
The production and implementation phase encompasses the merging of content with the designed layout. All pages are coded, and graphics are produced. Testing takes place to ensure the site performs at its highest level. All of the final pieces are put into place prior to acceptance and launch.
Phase 5: Maintenance and Updates
Once the site has been accepted and launched, it may enter into the realm of a maintenance phase -- where we makes any necessary changes or updates.   If you believe your site will need additional content editing/changes, we will need to address this and to what frequency this will be done.  Additional fees will apply to all site maintenance.

Please keep in mind that every project needs to follow a standard set of guidelines.  Since you cannot make up a whole new set of rules after the ninth hole, the rules have got to be set in place prior to tee-off.

Above all, we want to make this an easy and enjoyable process for you.  Who needs additional headaches?


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